HY-300Automatic glove bagging machine

HY-300Automatic glove bagging machine
Product description
1. This machine is suitable for the packaging of mask, socks, gauze, towel, glove, switch, socket, wrench, auto parts, medical equipment, medicine, food, textile products, hardware, daily chemical, auto parts and other similar products. 2. This machine is suitable for self sealing bags of self-supporting bags, flat bags, four side sealing bags, paper bags, zipper bags and other similar products.
Product features
1: This machine is a multi-function automatic bagging machine, servo system control material shortage stop 2: This machine can automatically open the bag, open the bag, seal the bag and other functions, with high degree of automation 3: This machine adopts Italian delijie brand photoelectric detection device, servo system control touch control interface, simple operation 4. Independent research and development to save labor and improve production efficiency 5. Increase the qualified rate of products and reduce the damage of products 6. The finished product has beautiful packaging and good sealing effect 7. After sales guarantee, provide warranty, free door-to-door maintenance, installation and debugging operation training! This machine is easy to operate and highly automated, and the speed can reach 20-25 bags / min (depending on different products). This machine is modified and customized according to the special requirements of customers.
Technical parameter
model HY-300
speed 20-35 bags / min
power 3KW
Voltage < br / > AC200 50HZ
size 3000X2000X1703mm
weight 950KG

Mechanical details
HY-300Automatic glove bagging machine机械细节
HY-300Automatic glove bagging machine样品

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