JBK-260Wet Wipes Production Line

JBK-260Wet Wipes Production Line
Product description
This machine is specially designed for wet wipes packaging. It adopts vertical folding and lower film feeding mechanism, with fast speed and stable operation. It can automatically complete the following special functions: wet wipes folding - liquid adding inside and outside - slicing - bag making - sealing - counting - batch number printing - finished product output. It effectively avoids the secondary pollution of wet wipes in the packaging process. The whole machine is compact, generous and safe. It is the recommended equipment for wet wipes packaging, It is suitable for the automatic packaging of single piece wipes!
Product features
Using the original servo motor control, the introduction of German technology control system, compared with other domestic and foreign similar inverter motor or inverter control products, more intelligent, higher packaging accuracy, wider adjustable range, more accurate control, lower scrap rate, better stability. Due to the use of a fully open box structure, transmission structure at a glance, maintenance more convenient!
Technical parameter

Equipment name

Automatic single piece wet towel packing machine

Equipment model


Use packaging materials and specifications.

Suitable for all kinds of 0PP heat sealing film, composite film and aluminum plastic composite film

Model specification


Packaging speed

180-350 bags / min

Width of non woven fabric


Film width


Rated voltage v. power


Noise (DB)

Low noise. 60-70db

Machine weight kg


Automatic control ability of production process

Automatic folding, humidifying, slitting, packaging and marking

Meet the standard specifications

GMP standard, packaging machine enterprise standard

Pass quality certification

Passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification

Passed the appraisal

Zhejiang Province, the provincial appraisal Zhejiang Province high tech characteristic industry base member enterprise and so on

Product honor

National utility model patent certificate, provincial and municipal science and technology progress award, etc

Commitment to customers

One year warranty, lifetime service (only charge for parts cost)

Mechanical details
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