KD-350High speed automatic pillow packing machine

KD-350High speed automatic pillow packing machine
Product features
Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation. The third generation of three servo control, bag length is set and cut, no need to adjust the empty walk, film color tracking step in place, save time and film. Using imported electrical appliances, touch man-machine interface, parameter setting is convenient and fast. Fault self diagnosis function, fault at a glance. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate. Temperature independent PID control, better suitable for all kinds of coating materials. Positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no film. Simple rotation system, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance. All the control is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrade.
Technical parameter

Equipment name

Pillow type packaging machine

Equipment model

Kd-350 automatic pillow packing machine

Use packaging materials and specifications.

Suitable for all kinds of 0PP heat sealing film, composite film, coated paper, aluminum foil film and aluminum plastic composite film

Model specification


Packaging speed

60-220 bags / min

Maximum finished bag making specifications

Length: 330mm, width: 150mm, height: 50mm

Minimum material specification

Long. 50mm, width, 10mm, height, 5mm

Rated voltage v. power


Compressed air pressure


Compressed air consumption

> 0.36(m3/h)

Noise (DB)

Low noise. 60-70db

Machine weight kg


Motor frequency regulation capability


Automatic control ability of production process

Automatic coding

Meet the standard specifications

GMP standard, packaging machine enterprise standard

Pass quality certification

Passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification, EU CE certification

Passed the appraisal

Zhejiang Province, the provincial appraisal Zhejiang Province high tech characteristic industry base member enterprise and so on

Product honor

National utility model patent certificate, provincial and municipal science and technology progress award, etc

Commitment to customers

One year warranty, life-long service (only charge the cost of parts) 3 years warranty for main electrical appliances

Mechanical details
KD-350High speed automatic pillow packing machine机械细节

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