HY-300Automatic glove bagging machine

HY-300Automatic glove bagging machine
Product description
The machine is stable and continuous, and is suitable for sealing all kinds of mask medical products, sanitary products, food and other products.
Product features
1. The machine works smoothly and continuously, and is suitable for sealing all kinds of masks, medical supplies, sanitary products, food and other products. 2. Automatic bagging, photoelectric correction, no burr, fault forming. 3. The equipment can be configured with different types of feeder. 4. Using Panasonic PLC imported from Japan, the accuracy is improved and the stability of the equipment is high. 5. Intermittent sealing is better to ensure the sealing beauty and avoid leakage. 6. The machine is easy to operate, PLC touch screen, according to the packaging material, product thickness and length to adjust the packaging temperature and speed. Servo motor. Through the control of light, electricity and gas, the fault can be self diagnosed and displayed clearly. The language of the operating system can be Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and other local languages. 7. The whole machine is covered with stainless steel, with good appearance, easy to clean and durable. The cost of operation and maintenance is low. 8. Intelligent PLC temperature control. 9. Automatic alarm for required quantity, automatic batching and stacking for required quantity. 10. Product specifications can be changed freely
Technical parameter

Model and specification

Automatic bagging machine

Bag Size

Width: 70-150 mm, length: 130-270 mm (design size as required)


Composite film, aluminized film, polyethylene / polypropylene and other composite materials

Bagging method

Straight push pinch push

Packaging speed

20-40 Bags / min

Power supply

Three phase four wire & nbsp; 380V50/60Hz6.5Kw

Gas consumption

It is recommended to match w-1.0/101 air compressor 0.5-0.8m3/min 300-500l/min

Overall weight


Machine dimensions

2900mm × 2500mm × 1650mm

Mechanical details
HY-300Automatic glove bagging machine机械细节

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