Tableware multi piece packaging machine

Tableware multi piece packaging machine
Product features
1. The machine is controlled by color touch screen, and the main control circuit is high-speed intelligent chip imported from the United States. It has accurate measurement, automatic detection of electrical faults, simple operation and convenient adjustment. 2. Mechanical formula function (memory function: store the debugged program), avoid repeated debugging of products with the same specifications, waste materials, save more time and cost, and improve packaging efficiency 3. The paper towel folding machine and the packaging machine can operate independently (the paper towel folding machine or the packaging machine can be shut down independently at any time). 4. Paper towel blanking, intelligent control by touch screen, no mechanical adjustment 5. Adopt high-quality double frequency conversion and simple mechanical structure, easy to maintain, less wear and long service life. 6. High precision photoelectric detection and tracking (film color mark tracking), bidirectional automatic compensation, accurate and reliable. 7. The bag length can be automatically detected and set without manual setting. 8. The packaging speed and bag forming length are controlled by double frequency converters, with stepless speed change and wide adjustable range, which can perfectly match the previous process of the production line. 9. The conveying table is made of stainless steel, and the main machine is sprayed with plastic and painted at high temperature. It can also be made completely stainless according to customer requirements
Technical parameter
Machine model  HDZJ-2500
Package type  Three side seal H type  Three side seal 
Tissue length  160-330mm
Paper towel width  120-330mm 160-300mm
Packaging film thickness 0.018-0.06mm 1.8-7 silk 
Maximum film width 230mm 230mm
Bag length 90-330mm 100-310mm
Package width 30-100mm 400-100mm
Packing height ≤40mm 1-45mm
Packaging capacity (depending on the material)  40-80 packs / min  30-80 bags / min 
Overall dimension (L × W × H)
five thousand and two hundred × two thousand and eighty × 2200mm
Machine weight  950kg
Voltage  220V
Total power  3.8kw
Mechanical details
Tableware multi piece packaging machine机械细节
Tableware multi piece packaging machine样品

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