KD-260CCard Automatic Packaging Machine

KD-260CCard Automatic Packaging Machine
Product description
The introduction of German technology, using the original servo motor control, compared with other domestic and foreign similar inverter motor or inverter control products, more intelligent, higher packaging accuracy, wider adjustable range, more accurate control, lower scrap rate, better stability. Due to the full open box structure, the transmission structure is clear at a glance, and the maintenance is more convenient; In the use of box material, 12mm thick steel plate ensures the stability of the whole machine under high-speed operation;
Product features
Touch mode man-machine interface control, parameter setting is convenient and fast, high speed and high efficiency. 2: Photoelectric tracking technology, digital input, accurate cutting position. Fault self diagnosis and alarm display. Constant temperature adjustable, intelligent control, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials. Double frequency control, bag length is set and cut, one step in place, save labor and film. Automatic feeding, checking and scraping function
Technical parameter
Main technical parameters
Large film width 260mm
Maximum packaging capacity (depending on material) 40-180 times / min
Suitable for film thickness 0.04-0.06mm
Bag length 50-330mm
Package width 25-110mm
Packing height ≤45mm
Total power 2.7Kw 220V
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 3500 x950x1600mm
Total weight 680KG
Mechanical details
KD-260CCard Automatic Packaging Machine机械细节
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