JBK-400Intelligent automatic extraction wet towel packing machine

JBK-400Intelligent automatic extraction wet towel packing machine
Product description
This machine is developed by our company on the basis of pillow packing machine. German technology control system is introduced, and servo programmable controller is used to automatically control the production process of extraction wipes. Several wipes are put into the packaging bag. There are extraction holes on the front of the bag, which are sealed by the cover. When in use, lift the cover, extract wipes from the extraction holes, and then re glue the cover to make it clean. This machine can also pack soap, soap and other similar materials. It is equipped with corner folding device. It is an innovative multi-purpose machine, which can greatly reduce the equipment procurement cost of enterprises. The price is reasonable, and it also provides security risk protection for wet towel entrepreneurs. The machine has novel structure, advanced technology, high production efficiency, and solves the defects of cross pollution caused by manual packaging. The external structure of the machine, the contact part between the machine body and the product are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials. The wipes produced by the machine are clean, safe and reliable. They are widely used in catering, tourism and other service industries. At the same time, they are suitable for use on airplanes, trains and ships and are easy to carry. It can automatically complete feeding, bag making, sealing, corner folding (optional), labeling, punching, printing batch number, finished product output, etc. it has a high degree of automation and solves the technical problems such as unstable operation of domestic wet towel packaging. It has won the practical patent certificate of Zhejiang packaging equipment and Zhejiang high new technology progress award Optional jbk-260.350.450 model, suitable for different specifications!
Product features
1. Innovative design of extraction hole blanking die and seal adhesive device. 2. Innovatively design the adjustable speed device of heat sealing cutting hob, which can be used for multiple purposes, greatly improving the production efficiency and reducing the production cost. 3. Adopt advanced PLC computer program control, detect color code by photoelectric detection sensor, photoelectric benchmarking, two-way compensation, make benchmarking fast and accurate. 4. Each heating part adopts four groups of temperature controller to control temperature automatically, with high sealing quality. 5. The extraction port is bonded with self-adhesive, with good sealing performance and convenient opening and sealing.
Technical parameter
Throughput 30-80bag/min
Packing size L80-180mm W30-180mm L5-55mm
Voltage AC220V
Frequency 502HZ
Power 2KW
Dimension L5000MM×W1000MM×H1800MM
Weight 850KG
JBK-400Intelligent automatic extraction wet towel packing machine样品

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