SB800WHigh-speed Reciprocating Four-side Sealing Packing Machine

SB800WHigh-speed Reciprocating Four-side Sealing Packing Machine
Product description
The machine is designed and developed on the basis of the multifunctional pillow plate automatic packaging machine, absorbing foreign advanced packaging technology and strictly in accordance with GMP specification for the packaging of paste, warm paste, antipyretic paste and other similar products. This machine can print the batch number of bagged products, seal the four sides, cut off the tear, and transport the packaged products at one time. The machine adopts man-machine interface, and has six groups of temperature control, edge sealing and pressure device before and after automatic correction to ensure the sealing effect of the product. The successful trial production of the machine has ended the history that similar products can only be packaged by hand, and solved the technical problem of lax sealing of product packaging. The machine has superior performance, beautiful packaging and high content of machinery. It��s an automatic packaging device.
Product features
Programmable control: PLC programmable controller is used to program the whole machine. Touch screen display: host speed, set bag length, actual bag length, compensation amount, output will be displayed on the screen at a glance. Automatic adjustment of bag length: the change of package length can be set directly on the touch screen, and the length can be adjusted automatically by computer program, which is very convenient and fast. Two way compensation benchmarking: imported photoelectric detection color code, automatic tracking by PLC computer program combined with two-way compensation mechanism, makes benchmarking fast and accurate. Left and right photoelectric rectification: make both sides of the bag aligned, flat and beautiful Waste collection device: driven by magnetic powder control, it can balance the tension of packaging materials and make the whole machine run stably. The edge sealing pressure device ensures the sealing effect of the product. Road sealing extension and edge sealing reinforcement
Technical parameter
Mechanical details
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